The Yu Method

About Mark Yu

Practicing The Yu MethodMark Yu is a Kinbaku/Nawa Shibari practitioner, sex positive educator, Brujo of Erotic Arts and Corrective Sadist. He is a devotee of Chinese medicine, Taoist sexual yoga and Zen. He has taught bondage, healing arts and progressive rope-based body disciplines publicly and privately for many years.

Drawing from his lifetime study of Oriental Medicine, 25+ years of clinical experience in treating muscle pain and bio-mechanical dysfunction and his extensive knowledge of the body and its energy pathways,he has developed a beautiful and practical approach to increasingly popular and wonderfully erotic techniques of the art of Japanese Rope Bondage called The Yu Method.

Mark Yu has presented nationally and interntionally in many cities for a variety of BDSM, Leather and other organizations.

His essay, "Personal Rope, Universal Power," appeared in Rope, Bondage and Power, a book edited by Lee Harrington for Alternative Lifestyle Publications.

He is a P.R.I.C.K.
(Personal Responsibility in Consensual Kink)