The Yu Method

What is The Yu Method?

The Yu Method is an integrated and unified approach to rope bondage and body play that uses strong sensation, erotic domination and body manipulation techniques to give the participants an intense, intimate and transformative play experience. Engaging the body with rope bondage and physical contact in this way disrupts mental and movement patterns, activates erogenous zones and accesses untapped vital energy in the players.

The Yu Method offers techniques that, when properly applied, create a powerful play experience, rich in nuance and overflowing with myriad sensation. Both tops and bottoms experience play that is amplified to much deeper levels of connection and intensity.

In The Yu Method, bottoms take a more active role in being tied and played with. Tops learn to become more open to receiving energy and adapting to it. It uses rope bondage, body contact, pressure on tight muscles areas and other energetic contact techniques to invigorate Qi circulation and release muscle tension. These loosened, relaxed muscles allow for a freer flow of energy in the body, which liberates the emotions and opens the mind. Building on this newly pliable body and softened will, play partners share energy through precise body contact and touching in tender and terrible ways.

Through a combination of binding and manipulating the body, activating erogenous zones and cultivating an awareness of shared experience, the participants achieve states of overwhelming sensation, powerful sexual arousal, and profound relaxation. A true and tangible energy exchange is then possible.